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Kron Moore



"The Butterfly and the Bully", is a sweet story, which not only offers children a tool to express their fears, disappointments, and hurt in a healthy manner, but it reminds them to be kind, considerate, and conscious of themselves. This sweet story also reminds adults that childhood emotions (much like adult emotions) can be complicated and difficult to navigate. It’s a must-have for all children’s libraries!

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Amanda Northern

Co-Founder of Black Girl's Create International, LLC

Lola is an amazing and inspirational writer. She has a way with words and has helped our readers feel encouraged and uplifted in their lives. Because of Lola's writing, we saw an immediate increase in website traffic which not only increased engagement on our site but also increased our subscriber list as well. It's difficult to find inspired writers who create from the heart but that's exactly what Lola does! If you're looking for an authentic, heart-centered writer for your female-centric copywriting or content creation needs, Lola is your person!


Modern Medusa


I initially purchased

"The Butterfly & The Bully" for my niece, however, after reading over the book I knew that I needed one for MYSELF. There is so much strength and motivation inside of this book.

Lola B. inspires so many individuals young or old with her work! 

Definitely, a must grab !! 

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