gri·ot  \ ˈgrē-ˌō \
  1. a member of a class of traveling poets, musicians, and storytellers who maintain a tradition of oral history in parts of West Africa.


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Multi-Self Published Author
Therapeutic Arts & Life Coach, 
Speaker, Mental Health Advocate
Diversity & Inclusion Presenter

Lola B. Morgan is a Transformational Life Coach for women and children. Lola guides them to remove blockages and help them heal from trauma to unleash the best versions of themselves. This orater can often be found speaking on topics such as healthy coping mechanisms, social and emotional behavior, self-care, empathy in the workplace, and ways to manage the mind! 

Inspired by her transformational journey, Lola has poured herself into writing, a tool used to recover from her childhood trauma. After losing her brother to gun violence and noticing changes in communities globally, Lola decided to write a children's book.

In 2019 Lola debuted her 1st Self-Published Opus, or what she enjoys to describe as her "firstborn" titled "The Butterfly & The Bully." TB & TB is a creative tool that assists youth in building healthier coping mechanisms caused by life stressors such as death, bullying, trauma, and separation. This book is a social and emotional learning tool that makes it easy for our young loved ones to begin the conversation about how they digest their feelings. 


Her newest release, "THIS IS ME: Interactive Coloring Book," explores the creativity of our youth while teaching them the power of affirming who they are! 

Get your copy of The Butterfly & The Bully, and THIS IS ME: Interactive Coloring Book for your loved ones today!

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Print & E-Book Version:

This book is a guide with positive reinforcements to help children cope with trauma or stressors in society.

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Print Version:

Allow this interactive coloring book to expand the mind of your loved ones as they explore their own creativity & engage in affirmations to embrace "Remembering who they are"!



Looking for an engaging story for the entire family? This happily animated book will keep you craving for more...

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