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This book is a guide with positive reinforcements to help children cope with trauma or stressors in society. My book will help in the following ways:


  • Assist in providing children with the inner tools needed to address their realities and move through difficult times and harsh environments in a healthy manner. Some examples of difficult times include bullying, death, traumatic experiences, and normal life stressors.


  • Teach healthy exercises, such as affirmations and journaling, to reinforce positive emotions and to help them build a skillset of inner tools to rely upon in difficult times.


  • Create a roadmap to bonding with your child or loved one. By doing these exercises together, you are also constructing a valuable connection that shields them and their mind like armor before they are exposed to society. I highly recommend doing these exercises daily to assist in retraining the mind in miraculous ways!

The Butterfly & The Bully

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