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What am I made of?

In business creating a brand identity is just as beneficial as building character...


Since I am in the business of influencing, I've joined an impacting group of women who've founded Black Girls Create International where I serve as a motivational/self-development writer. I find comfort and ease in inspiring others so generally my writing includes a plethora of topics based on self-love and empowerment. Over the years I’ve built a portfolio working alongside notable companies within their marketing departments, handling their social media websites, pushing content for events, and writing music reviews for renown and upcoming artist. Whilst being an Entertainment Anchor for an on-air radio show- Beat Break Radio FM; I managed to spin what most would presume to be a gossip segment into showcasing only positive news and efforts within communities and the achievements of superstars. I make one heck of a branding specialist!


Preview below:



Creative Loafing

Marketing Editorial Intern * Produced marketing strategies for upcoming/past events. * Formulated articles, blog posts, and polls to attract readers. * Edit format’s/ slot’s for “air-loaf”- radio show. * Maintaining their social media accounts with creative updates to gain followers and likeliship.

Black Girls Create International

Securing the minds and confidence of women around the world. Influencing them to understand that their voice, and character are relatable!

Beat Break Radio

* Creator of “Lo-down with the Lovely Lola B”-Entertainment Report * Announcing positive attributes within the industry. * “Lola B.’s song of the week” Creatively exposing talented underground & Independent artist.

BE Entertained Magazine

Reviewing music for the renown such as Kaleena Harper from Diddy Dirty Money, MIguel, and Elle Varner.

Olive Coco Magazine

Providing inspirational articles on self help, healing, and ultimate wealth for an online women's magazine.

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