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Bubba's Potty

Bubbas Potty Protection (Pack of 40) Large Disposable Toilet Seat Cover – Individually Wrapped & Liquid Absorbing for Kids & Adults – Adhesive Strips That Sticks to Toilet to Ensure no Slips.

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Welcome to Bubbas Potty Protection. We started this fun small family own company with one
intent in mind! That is to make every community safer by giving you not only the best quality but
even greater satisfaction in our beloved product. These disposable toilet seat covers are all
individually wrapped and come in a pack of 40. Each one is also equipped with four adhesive
strips for no slips and covers all standard-sized toilet seats in the united states. They are portable
and easy to carry on you or in your belongings.


Our mission is to bring a positive change into our
normal day-to-day lives. Whether it’s going to school, to work, to the mall with your friends, family
members, or even enjoying a nice vacation! Everyone deserves to have Bubbas Potty Protection.
So why wait?


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