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Before launching A Griot’s Corner and partnering with Black Girls Create International, I toyed with myself of the ideals of money-making ventures; Sorting through things that can take me to that next level! Over the years I have spent time unknowingly doing these things, whilst being so distracted by my true passions I only did enough to survive. As of late I’ve found myself on a path of regaining integrity, super-consciousness, learning to be disciplined, and humble in situations that I have surpassed but possess the skills of performing successfully.

Needless to say, I am at the point of my life where I want to do things unapologetically. Most of those who know me would say, “Lola, aren’t you doing that already”? What others see and what we do for our soul are two different experiences. A lot of times we put more on ourselves than expected and take on the responsibility of being the strongest individual possible to mask other things that we do not want others to have access to. As an individual it’s a safety mechanism, but how worthy is this mechanism if we are constantly posing as shapeshifters without feeding the true desires that will do more than allow us to survive.

Whilst enjoying the journey of inspirations for creating AGC, around 2009-2011

I was on the verge of a breakthrough by confronting many generational demons, placing myself outside of the box and indulging in branding myself - my work included:

On-air Entertainment Anchor to an Underground Hip-Hop show- Beat Break Radio, Marketing/Editorial Intern for Creative Loafing, content writing for publications, dabbled in Public Relations, and performing Spoken Word.

During this time being celibate I found myself flourishing and being in tune with the universe soaking in all of the wonderful things around me- By shedding dead weight and stepping into the next level of the person I was meant to be. All of these things helped overcome so many fears and broke down obstacles that I didn’t plan to be possible.

Welp, the inevitable happened, "Life"!

I stopped writing, I stopped creating, and in those moments my only focus was being apart of the rat race!

Today, as I stretch myself to write this open letter in letting you know that every day is a chance for you to listen to your spirit. Whatever goals that you have, implement them! Say them aloud every day until you start believing in them. “Affirm Your Destiny”, and do what makes you feel GOLDEN!! Writing isn’t something I chose naturally, but that’s for another article. Sometimes God grants you awesome gifts in human form to push you to your claim of fame! I would love to hear some of the things/people that inspire you to be who and where you are. Feel free to comment below, and follow my journey on the social websites connected.

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