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In this moment I feel nothing short of gratitude! In grade school they ask you questions like, "Who do you aspire to be, what advice would you give to your younger self"? Needless to say, the day I've miraculously been awaiting is finally here. Enjoy my reverence to stepping into my thirties...

  1. Your Word Is Your Wand! - (referenced from Author Florence Scovel Shinn) Manifestation is a BEAST and can grant you the intangible!

  2. Always listen to your Ori- Your mind/spirit will guide you farther than your friends will.

  3. Be patient and Trust The process, but always remain humble!

  4. DO YOU!- Naysayers will always be around, but every experience is different. If you see yourself shining, then EMBRACE IT!

  5. Keep GOD in your spirit!- All things are possible with faith, and paying reverence.

  6. Travel More!

  7. STEP YOUR MONEY UP!- Entering your 30's is only the beginning of a new SAGA.

  8. Challenge Yourself Physically!- I am determined to no longer purchase clothes that hide my problem areas. I will ELIMINATE those problem areas, and wear what I want!

  9. Make you Mark- The most important thing you can give yourself is IDENTITY. How you identify yourself is the most admiral quality to carry. This alone dictates how you are respected.

  10. Life is a Game of Chess, Play it well!

  11. Removing Limitations!

  12. Continue to say "NO" more..- How many times have you said yes to things that you really did not want to commit to? Fretless, and know that "NO" is more powerful than always being a "YES" person.

  13. Meditate- Yoga is my favorite type of meditation!

  14. Create Healthy Environments- My mother faithfully say's that how you keep your home, will flow into the rest of your life. I am a firm believer in letting things flow positively. I do everything in my power to recenter myself and my circle when it is disturbed.

  15. Continue to write, please do not stop!

  16. Don't Stop Believing!

  17. Don't settle! Know what you want and strive for nothing less...

  18. Stop running from your problems. Face them head-on, and then move-on! The lessons you don't learn always come back full circle.

  19. Continue to Feed your soul!

  20. Always be at peace with the Universe!

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