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gri·ot  \ ˈgrē-ˌō \
  1. a member of a class of traveling poets, musicians, and storytellers who maintain a tradition of oral history in parts of West Africa.



Print & E-Book Version:

This book is a guide with positive reinforcements to help children cope with trauma or stressors in society.

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Print Version:

Allow this interactive coloring book to expand the mind of your loved ones as they explore their own creativity & engage in affirmations to embrace "Remembering who they are"!



Looking for an engaging story for the entire family? This happily animated book will keep you craving for more...


Author | Therapeutic Arts & Life Coach | Speaker 

Lola B. Morgan is an innate influencer within her community. Her magical aura captivates her audiences and is recognized by all whom she encounters.

Lola coaches those of all ages to help them live their life fearlessly through the art of manifestation! Inspired, Lola has poured her desires into writing; a tool that was used since her childhood to overcome her own personal trauma. After losing her brother to gun-violence and noticing changes in communities globally, Lola decided to write a children's book.

In 2019 Lola debuted her 1st Self-Published Opus, or what she enjoys to describe as her "firstborn" titled "The Butterfly & The Bully". TB & TB is a creative tool that assists youth in building healthier coping mechanisms caused by life stressors such as death, bullying, trauma, and separation. This book is an aid for youth to encourage them to tackle these coping mechanisms by utilizing affirmations and journaling in order to build an inner skillset that will help them on their expansive journeys. Her newest release, “ This Is Me: Interactive Coloring Book” explores the creativity of our youth while teaching them the power of affirming who they are!

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